First Aid Trainings

first aid trainings

Our First Aid Trainings are done by First Aid by Levande, which is our flagship service.

It offers participants the ability to get the knowledge, skills and tools to protect family, friends and colleagues in the event of a medical emergency.

Our trainings are offered presently in client’s venues or in our own facility in Ojodu, but we will soon commence scheduled trainings for the public according to our calendar. Please call 08177321761 for current details on course offerings, curriculum and cost.

Levande First Aid Trainings

  1. First Aid for Baby and Child
  2. First Aid for Adults
  3. Emergency Paediatric First Aid
  4. Full Paediatric First Aid
  5. First Aid for Teachers
  6. Emergency First Aid for the Workplace (EFAW)
  7. CPR & Use of AED
  8. Basic Life Support Training

Click on any of the above classes to find out what the curriculum and costs are.


Book Now For A First Aid Class Here!

We hope to see you at a First Aid by Levande event soon. Please don’t delay your decision to book a First Aid Class with us. Although we hope you never have to use first aid in a critical situation, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Call us on 08177327161 for further information on our first aid trainings or check our contact details.