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We are Levande Healthcare Ltd

Our Vision

To be the respected leading supplier of quality led practical tailored healthcare & health education services in Nigeria.

Our Missions

  1. To provide knowledge and skills to a range of clients on how to act confidently in a medical emergency. We will do this by ensuring professional interactive training, well-equipped first aid kits and excellent customer service.
  2. The sale of quality and durable evacuation equipment consisting of mats and sheets for hospitals, public buildings, schools etc.
  3. To provide tailor-made school health services because healthy children are better learners.
  4. To provide up-to-date health, safety and and first aid information for homes, schools and organizations. With these, people are better equipped to take informed health decisions for quality and healthy living.

Our Story

No one should get hurt, be permanently disabled or die! For us, it started with a child, this is the main story behind Levande; this is the reason it exists. Levande means “living” or “alive“.

Our founder, Dr. Tosin Osikoya has spent nearly 20 years in the healthcare industry. For her, being a doctor meant one thing – helping others stay alive in the best health possible. This meant giving the right information and the best care care at all times and it informed her career choices spanning clinical management, public health and administration.

After all her years in public and private service and no longer feeling she was effective in helping people and feeling a great need to ensure that children were safe and healthy in school, Levande Healthcare was born in May, 2015.

Our flagship service is First Aid by Levande and it began operations in late 2016.

Our Clients

They include but are not limited to:

  1. The Nigerian Economic Summit Group
  2. Newcross Exploration and Production Ltd
  3. AG Leventis
  4. Shoreline Natural Resources Limited
  5. Lagos Country Club, Ikeja (Swimming & Tennis Sections)
  6. Enterprise Development Centre, Pan-Atlantic University
  7. Monument Development Company
  8. Dialyzer Medical Centre
  9. Jubilee Resort, Epe
  10. Groupe GEOS
  11. Fenix International
  12. Beautiful Beginnings Schools
  13. Thompson Reuters
  14. Schools, Families & Groups
  15. … and much more!