Evacuation Equipment in Nigeria

Would we need an evacuation equipment? Yes! Because an emergency evacuation of a building can occur at any time. You always hope that it doesn’t happen to you. But unfortunately, it can. Every single day. If you follow the news, you will notice that emergency evacuations are happening pretty often, from buildings, hospitals, schools, anywhere.

evacuation equioment

Therefore, it’s critical that safety and building managers take all the safety measures to minimise the chance for a potential disaster.

While there are a variety of evacuation equipment out there, we partnered with TETCON (Technical Textile Concepts) because their entire range of evacuation equipment starts with a simple design where we focus on the carer and the person in need. It’s all about speed, ease of use and comfort.

TETCON’s goal is simple – “Leave No One Behind”. This philosophy is also in Levande’s DNA making it a great fit!

Evacuation equipment helps to get those that are bedridden, wheel chair bound, ill, or very small to safety. They can be used in:

evacuation mattress
  1. Hospitals
  2. Schools
  3. Workplaces
  4. Companies
  5. Skyscrapers
  6. Hotels
  7. Public institutions and more

TETCON’s range of evacuation equipment includes:

  1. Evacuation sheets: Helps you to save bedridden people. They are permanently under the mattress and are for protecting patients in care facilities.
  2. Evacuation mattresses: Evacuation mats & sledges that anyone can use in hotels, tall buildings, schools etc.
  3. Rescue sheets: Designed for critical situations to ensure a rapid extraction. They are for firefighters, riot police, first aid specialists, trauma teams, paramedics, etc.

Call us on 08177321761 to get our contact details to schedule a demonstration. Let us show you why you need this products.